We treat your information with care.

All users of the website operated by the Center for Child Welfare, hereafter known as The Center, are registered with the website and as such, are known to us by the email address assigned by their employer. As a result of the initial issuance of user registrations, we also know the user’s name, employer and their job title or category. In addition, we collect information about each user that each user may voluntarily submit as a result of entering personal information in their User Profile Form, and through participation in Online Surveys or Online Polls and other similar website services.

We do not sell, loan or give away the email addresses of our users. We occasionally send emails to all users when we announce a new feature or an important change to the website. Users may, at their option, elect to “opt in” to receive additional emails in response to specific requests or questions they have initiated.

The website uses “cookies” to uniquely identify each user during each visit. The use of “cookies” is required. “Cookies” not only identify each user once they have logged in, but also help us personalize the website for each user. “Cookies” are small files that are stored on each user’s computer. They contain only a number that is unique for each user. No personally identifiable information is stored in the “cookie”.

Each time a user visits our website, our web server automatically logs the date and time of the visit, the Internet Protocol (IP) address and domain name of the computer they used to access the site, and the webpage or content that the user viewed. In addition, once users have logged in to the website, each user is known to us by their name and all of their activity on the website is logged along with their name.

Such usage information is utilized only to measure our effectiveness in disseminating information to target audiences and is not used to measure the performance or participation of individual users.

Usage information is available only The Center’s employees and is not shared with anyone outside The Center, including users’ employers. Users should know, however, that The Center could be directed to release usage information in order to comply with legitimate and reasonable requests by a law enforcement agency or the Department of Children and Families if we are required to do so under terms of our service contract.

All usage information is discarded after 60 months.

In summary, this information is known about each user:

  1. email address
  2. first and last name
  3. employer
  4. job title or type
  5. additional information submitted voluntarily by users

This information is not known about users:

  1. social security number
  2. employment information, such as salary
  3. non-employment information, such as family or friends
  4. financial information, such as credit cards or bank accounts

Specific questions about the Privacy Policy of this website may be directed to the Help Desk.

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